7 Critical Factors That Influence a Home’s Value

Selling your home is an essential decision. Once you’ve made your mind, you also need to think about the financial picture. Definitely, you want to avoid selling too cheap. But how much is your house actually worth? Making that estimate is… Continue Reading →

A Seller’s Worst Pricing Mistakes When Selling Property & How to Avoid Them

After the long lockdowns, seller’s market is back on fire. Melbourne property prices are rebounding, and the market is getting rushed with listings. While selling a property & a home, setting up the price correctly is one of the biggest concerns… Continue Reading →

Victorian Budget: Stamp Duty Reduced by 50 Per Cent For New Homes

A great opportunity for Buyers, Investors, and Sellers!’   Under the newly introduced state government budget, the cost of stamp duty will be cut off by 50 per cent in Victorian suburbs. The announcement of discount is for the newly build… Continue Reading →

Is The First Offer Always The Best Offer? [Explained With Different Scenarios]

So… you are selling your home and just received the first offer after listing your property. Your agent told you that the offered price is a bit low than asking. Your heart drops, and you want your agent to reject… Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Reduce Your Stress of Selling a House

While selling a home, it’s obvious going through stressful processes so as to end up with a lucrative deal. While you are spending a lot of time meeting buyers and waiting for a good offer, you would want a premium sale and… Continue Reading →

Victoria’s Property Market Gets a Green Light Showing Millennials Interest in Real Estate

In the last week of September, private inspections have been permitted for leasing and purchase on the property.   From then, home inspections have been taking place including the agent, a tenant or buyer, and the one from household accompanied to display the property.   The… Continue Reading →

Private Inspections Permitted – Restrictions on Melbourne property Market Eased

With limited attendance, the property market in Victoria is eased from strict stage four restrictions.   Real Estate in Australia has been impacting with Covid-19 pandemic, due to which many state governments have arranged some guidelines on the property market.    However, home inspections… Continue Reading →

How Melbourne’s Property Market Holds Up in Lockdown?

Out of 56 nations and regions worldwide, Australia’s Property Market is positioned in the top 20. Regardless of any effect that the Covid-19 pandemic cause, house value records the development of 6.1 percent over the last year to June this… Continue Reading →

What Should You Do First: Buy Or Sell Property? Here’s The Answer!

It’s hard, but you’ll have to make the decision!  One of the most common yet difficult questions of real estate – ‘What should I do first – buy or sell my property?’ The answer is – it depends!  Selling or buying, it all depends on… Continue Reading →

5 Mind-Blowing Tips for Creating Property Video No One Will Tell You

Where there is a will, there is a way.     We all have read this line in our life, but there are some times when we get to know the real meaning of these well-known quotes.    In times of Covid-19, when everyone… Continue Reading →

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