Month July 2020

How COVID-19 is Accelerating the Digital Transformation of the Real Estate Industry?

Perception is the basis of life. It’s said that there is always something positive in bad things. Whatever we choose will reflect through the outcomes. Same goes with the situation of Covid-19—those who are staying positive, winning the race. People… Continue Reading →

7 Insanely Useful Tips for Selling A House in Summers

With the global pandemic situation and all the slowdown of property business nationwide, you might be wondering if you should sell your property or wait. If it sounds relatable, this article is for you!   Most of the suburbs in Australia… Continue Reading →

Why Summers are Better to Sell Your House?

Spring is considered as the best time when it comes to selling a house. The blooming flowers, chirping birds, and decent weather attracts the buyers and encourages the property market.   But, what about summers? It’s a common yet confusing question for most of the sellers: Would it be… Continue Reading →

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