Month September 2020

Private Inspections Permitted – Restrictions on Melbourne property Market Eased

With limited attendance, the property market in Victoria is eased from strict stage four restrictions.   Real Estate in Australia has been impacting with Covid-19 pandemic, due to which many state governments have arranged some guidelines on the property market.    However, home inspections… Continue Reading →

How Melbourne’s Property Market Holds Up in Lockdown?

Out of 56 nations and regions worldwide, Australia’s Property Market is positioned in the top 20. Regardless of any effect that the Covid-19 pandemic cause, house value records the development of 6.1 percent over the last year to June this… Continue Reading →

What Should You Do First: Buy Or Sell Property? Here’s The Answer!

It’s hard, but you’ll have to make the decision!  One of the most common yet difficult questions of real estate – ‘What should I do first – buy or sell my property?’ The answer is – it depends!  Selling or buying, it all depends on… Continue Reading →

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