Where there is a will, there is a way.    

We all have read this line in our life, but there are some times when we get to know the real meaning of these well-known quotes.   

In times of Covid-19, when everyone is instructed to maintain social distance, virtual tours and 3D videos come up to be a possible way to replace the regular home inspections and open houses to attract buyers for the time being.   

5 Mind-Blowing Tips for Creating Property Video

This digital walk-through has become a significant addition in marketing strategies to show a virtual guide experience.   

Video tours help passive buyers to find their perfect match home without taking immediate action. Thus, they can buy the house with full satisfaction.   

I’m going to share some mind-blowing tips to create videos of your property. But before that, let’s find why you need to invest in creating these videos and what benefits you will get. 

How property videos and virtual tours could help? 

The current real estate industry has become fast-paced and with ever-changing technology, videos are must. Here are the reasons why you should go for creating videos and how they actually help in selling your property. 

How property videos and virtual tours could
  • One major benefit of property video is that all the potential buyers could see this even those who can’t physically inspect or join open houses. 
  • You can promote your house 24-hours a day and it is completely open for inspection all the time through online platforms such as social media or websites. 
  • More buyers will be able to reach your property without actually getting into there.  
  • Rather than visiting your property once and adding it to their memory, buyers could visit it repeatedly through video.  
  • With a good home staging, 3D videos could show your home to the best and help to reduce the property’s time on the market.    

Tips on creating property videos 

Virtual tours and videos are a great way to show off your property in the best possible way and reach potential buyers. If hiring a professional feel like a costly deal, you can do this by yourself with these simple and effective tips. 

Tips on creating property videos

1. Plan according to the platform

Before you start to create a video, you need to plan it first. Be sure about where you will publish the video, as each platform has some different dimensions. For social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, portrait videos work the best. Whereas for property portals or personal websites, landscape shoot would be a better idea.  

2. Neat up first

Messy things won’t let you create the best impression. Keep your household essentials away from being captured in the video. Your main objective of creating the video should always be to make the buyers imagine them in your home. Thus, keep the focus of the video on the interior and structure of the house rather than your personal preferences. 

3.Decide Your Start and End:

Decide Your Start and End property video

Before creating the video, decide what parts of the house you are going to show in the video. Keep a start and endpoint from where you will walk-through. Don’t cover the same area repeatedly as this could be annoying for viewers. Moreover, don’t waste time in unattractive spaces. Spent your precious seconds in the most highlighting areas such as kitchen, living space, garden, or swimming pool etc. 

4. Take Care of The Lighting:

Let the light fall into your house for the best highlights. Turn the lights on, open blinds and curtains, and even windows if they give a beautiful background. Test the light in the video from different angles and shoot from where it gives the best shine. 

5. Short and Sweet is The Key

This is something you can relate – Longer videos are usually unattractive. No one bothers to watch a video of ten minutes or more. When our video starts to turn into movies, people lost their interest and move on. Try to make it between two to five minutes and make sure it is engaging enough to end up into a useful conversion.    

Short and Sweet is The Key of property video

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