With the global pandemic situation and all the slowdown of property business nationwide, you might be wondering if you should sell your property or wait. If it sounds relatable, this article is for you!  

Most of the suburbs in Australia are showing recovery, and the good news is that property prices have begun to pick-up the growth.   

If you are thinking about moving into another suburb and selling your property in summer, this is the perfect time to start preparing for it.   

Now the question is how to sell a house while considering the current situation and property market trends? If you are worried about the same, below are some useful home selling tips for you.  

Summers are a great time to sell a property if you want to stay away from the crowd and competitors.   

Let’s have a glance at the useful tips for selling a house in summers! 

1. Do Your Market Research 

A good understanding of the property market is the key to reach a valuable sale. Observe the properties coming on the market and the selling process to get an idea of how properties have been selling in your suburb. Before putting your property to market, consider some research for it. 

Do Your Market Research
  • Estimate the value of your house by comparing it with your neighbourhood properties. Consult a professional real estate agent who could guide you on how much price you can expect from your house. 
  • Explore the market to find how much time you would need to wait after listing your property. 
  • Go through the market trends and check for price growth in recent months. Practically, you are selling in summers, so you must know the trends of prices to track the profit. 

2.Inspect The NeighbourHood 

It is ideal for inspecting your neighbourhood properties before selling yours. You’d need to compare the homes in your suburb that have been listed for sale.   

The best way to inspect your neighbourhood is by attending the nearby open houses. This will allow you to interact with agents and buyers, and you’ll get the chance to notice their communication and selling style. Moreover, you would get to know about the questions being asked and the property features that buyers point out. 

3. Prepare Your Home 

It says that you’d never get the second chance to make the first impression. Preparing your home is a topmost consideration that needs to be noted in your home selling tips for summer. Generally, there are too many things to be done in summer for making your property ready for sale. You’d basically need to pay attention on the following: 

  • Clean and declutter 

When it comes to selling, you would need to clean your property and declutter all the unnecessary belongings. The less there would be a crowd of unwanted things, the better it would look. After you are done with decluttering, do some power washing or vacuum cleaning to ensure the environment looks glossy and attractive. 

  • Look after your outdoor 

Entrance and outdoor plays a significant role while presenting your house. A well-maintained outdoor area makes a big difference in your sale. Sweep the entry walk area and front door. Keep blooming flowers of the season to add more charm to the appearance. 

  • Keep the lawn clean & green 

Selling a house in summers would give you the advantage of going green. Grass grows very faster, so make sure you mow it for at least once a week. Trim the longer bushes. Maintaining the lawn area to make the house more welcoming. 

  • Take advantage of natural light 

Summers allow introducing more light into a house and make it look brighter. Keep the blinds open to having fresh air if it is not so warm outside. Otherwise, go for lighter curtains to refract natural light. Bright looking houses are more easily sold as compared to dark ones. 

  • Improve the inner portion 

When talking about the tips for selling a house, it’s essential to look at bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and the kitchen. Paint the walls if required. Fix the bathroom issues, if any. Clean the fans and windows. Maintain the kitchen and do the essential home renovations

4. Choose Inspection Times Appropriately 

People are mostly busy in summers, especially in festive seasons. So, consider the time before keeping the inspections. Set the inspection two or three days in advance so people could be able to manage the time. Moreover, due to long summer days, buyers may want to opt the time according to their work schedule rather than leaving the work. So, select the best appropriate time as you can. It would be better to keep the inspection in the morning or evening time. 

5. Get Home Selling Tips From a Qualified Agent 

A professional real estate agent would be the best person to guide you with the best tips for selling a house. They know how to make your property ready for hot summers inspection. Moreover, choosing a qualified agent is crucial to get the appropriate return on your investment.   

Get home selling tips from a qualified agent

Thinking about how to choose a real estate agent? Just go through some research before you hire someone. Observe the reviews, and check his recent sold properties. Explore through the information about their industry experience and how updated they are with the latest property market trends. 

6. Estimate The Cost of Selling a House 

Estimate the cost of selling a house

Most of the sellers do not have an idea on how much does it cost to sell a house. The most common costs involved in selling property include house renovations, marketing costs, real estate agents fee, conveyancer fee, etc. Click here to know about the overall cost of selling a house. 

7. Head Start on Paperwork 

Summer is the best time to know about the contracts and paperwork in detail. Take advantage of holidays and long days to find about the procedure while selling a house in Australia. Learn about the agreements with agents, conveyancers, and other sections involved in the sale process. 

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