Out of 56 nations and regions worldwide, Australia’s Property Market is positioned in the top 20. Regardless of any effect that the Covid-19 pandemic cause, house value records the development of 6.1 percent over the last year to June this year.  

Prior to this year in the March quarter, the real estate market in Sydney and Melbourne saw a boost in the rankings to be set 10th in the World.   

However, after the value dropped by 2 percent among April and June due to Covid related market closures. Australia descended the positions to arrive on the 19th spot before the finish of the June quarter. 

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Situation of Property Market During Lockdown 

Multimillion-dollar properties have kept selling in Melbourne during the lockdown, with sellers trading their greatest resource through market cycles.   

  • The Australian property market is working far better than many other countries. This is because of the reason that the second lockdown was not as long as in other countries.  
  • With the steady decline in the market supply, values are held high. The buyers are taking an interest in potential properties and are seeking for quality options in the market. 

Is this really a buyer’s market? 

house buyer’s market in australia

Before the lockdown, there was a surge in between vendors and buyers to complete the deals. But then, individuals were kept back with limitations of travel.   

  • Interest from up sizers has grown. Those who need a family home with good home office enhancements and ex-pats who have chosen to re-visit Melbourne. 

  • But the transactions were lesser due to the lower confidence of vendors. They were waiting to see what would happen next.  

  • However, after that difficult time, when we first emerged from lockdown, costs held up quite well.  

  • Regular of the esteemed market (in the upwards of $3 million), the sold figures are kept under confidence. However, the price value ranges were in the top 10 for suburbs like Camberwell and Malvern as compared to the past year.  

  • It seems to be unusual selling a property esteemed at more than $3 million. This creates an inspiration to transact, and everybody’s hanging tight for the chance.  

  • This lockdown made the selling season actually very rushed. With great marketing, sellers are attracting buyers from overseas. Promoting a superior property is very slightly different from a normal home, especially in the current situation when buyers are showing enthusiasm towards profitable properties.  

  • Vendors are trying to attract those buyers who are looking for a good property to come up but haven’t visited any home for inspection yet. In case you’re deciding to sell, you’re in an ideal situation to catch as many buyers as could be expected under these circumstances. There will be some acceptable open opportunities for both vendors and buyers. 

What are the expectations from property market post crisis? 

  • Because of a lag in people for their homes to get ready for sale, the sales of this year are expected to extend till December. Buyers are enquiring about properties since the lockdown started. They are waiting for more appropriate properties to come up in the market. Thus, it could be seen that the number of home inspections would increase post lockdown, and there would be a rush in buying and selling properties.  
  • As per some of the researchers, the expectation from the Australian real estate market is to go through a higher projection in price growth by the second quarter of 2021.