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How Melbourne’s Property Market Holds Up in Lockdown?

Out of 56 nations and regions worldwide, Australia’s Property Market is positioned in the top 20. Regardless of any effect that the Covid-19 pandemic cause, house value records the development of 6.1 percent over the last year to June this… Continue Reading →

What Should You Do First: Buy Or Sell Property? Here’s The Answer!

It’s hard, but you’ll have to make the decision!  One of the most common yet difficult questions of real estate – ‘What should I do first – buy or sell my property?’ The answer is – it depends!  Selling or buying, it all depends on… Continue Reading →

5 Mind-Blowing Tips for Creating Property Video No One Will Tell You

Where there is a will, there is a way.     We all have read this line in our life, but there are some times when we get to know the real meaning of these well-known quotes.    In times of Covid-19, when everyone… Continue Reading →

Corona Virus Vs Australia housing market: A Head-To-Head Guide

Corona Virus portrays the worst global pandemic; the world is facing. Almost all the markets are facing big challenges in Covid-19, and the real estate is no exception. Corona Virus have amplified the variation in Australia housing market in terms… Continue Reading →

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying a House

When Looking for a home, everyone has different priorities. Comparing homes takes time and easily you can lose focus. Without Forgetting anything important you can make a list with you where you can write some helpful guidelines which you require… Continue Reading →

How COVID-19 is Accelerating the Digital Transformation of the Real Estate Industry?

Perception is the basis of life. It’s said that there is always something positive in bad things. Whatever we choose will reflect through the outcomes. Same goes with the situation of Covid-19—those who are staying positive, winning the race. People… Continue Reading →

7 Insanely Useful Tips for Selling A House in Summers

With the global pandemic situation and all the slowdown of property business nationwide, you might be wondering if you should sell your property or wait. If it sounds relatable, this article is for you!   Most of the suburbs in Australia… Continue Reading →

Why Summers are Better to Sell Your House?

Spring is considered as the best time when it comes to selling a house. The blooming flowers, chirping birds, and decent weather attracts the buyers and encourages the property market.   But, what about summers? It’s a common yet confusing question for most of the sellers: Would it be… Continue Reading →

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing a Vacation Home

A vacation home is not just a home; it’s a feeling.  A home where we spend less but worth remembering time.   When it is an exciting step we take in life, we make a lot of mistakes while purchasing a vacation home. A… Continue Reading →

6 Unknown Tips to Consider While Selecting Your Property Manager

When you are looking to increase the profit through rental properties, a property manager plays vital role in maximizing the ROI. Although, not every investment property needs a manager, however, rental properties could be beneficial when taken care by an… Continue Reading →

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