With limited attendance, the property market in Victoria is eased from strict stage four restrictions.  

Real Estate in Australia has been impacting with Covid-19 pandemic, due to which many state governments have arranged some guidelines on the property market.   

However, home inspections in Melbourne are once again eased from restrictions. Buyers or tenants one-by-one will be able to inspect homes.   

The previous restrictions were supposed to be applied until 26th October, but the new analysis and reduction in Corona Virus cases in Melbourne lead to these changes.  

With the Sunday Premier’s announcement, everyone involved in the property market had great relief as it is good news for the industry. People can get over their lives, especially buyers and vendors who need to own or sell their property.   

From 28 September 2020, home inspections are resuming with some relaxed rules and limitations. It would be a one-on-one inspection in which a housemate, agent, or buyer would be allowed. There needs to be maximum of 5 persons, and the duration of inspection is set to 15 minutes.  

The Government confirmed that buyers could travel along the city for more than 5KM now for home inspections. For those who are breaching the rules of visits and inspection activities would be fined heavily.  

As the $25,000 Homebuyers grant by the Australian Government is extended for six months, the construction would be permitted with only five people on site.   

Find out the breakdown of rules shared by Government for open houses and home inspections! 

  • Private inspections are allowed in regional Victoria and Melbourne Metropolitan 

Private inspections are allowed in melbourne

In regional Victoria, inspections can be done under private appointments. Along with agent, one interested party and a household member is allowed. Melbourne’s metro area would remain open for private inspections, but residents of Melbourne cannot visit regional Victoria for inspections. Contactless home inspections need advance bookings and would have a time limit of 15min. Hygiene practices are necessary while visit. 

  • Wearing Masks are Mandatory

It is must to wear a mask in Victoria whenever you step out of your home. No matter you are an agent, seller, or buyer, you need to wear some kind of mask, be it a shield, scarf, or a medical mask. If you do not follow the rule, agents have the authority to deny your entry.   

wearing masks are mandatory

Mask is not full proof to keep the virus away, but they minimize the spread to reduce risk.  

It has become law by the Victorian Government, and those who are found without a mask would have to pay a $200 fine. If they do not cooperate with the police, they could be arrested as well.  

Moreover, those suffering from some medical problems and children under 12 age cannot attend home inspections or auctions. 

  • Social Distancing is Required

Social Distancing is Required in when seen property

Even if the rules in Victoria are now relaxed, but it is advised to keep the social distance for ensuring your safety. While inspections are back to normal, public open houses or auctions are still not permitted and would continue as online. 

  • Personal Details are Must to Share

Personal Details are Must to Share

Agents are required to keep the details of people attending home inspections such as name, phone number, and address. They must keep these details for two months and provide that to the health authorities of the state.   

Final Verdict

As of the new rules, people can now find their dream home easily through private inspections. It is very encouraging for vendors as well, because they could now sell their homes easily who were in need. Thus, it is expected to have a great lift in the market in the next few months as things would work differently from now.