In the last week of September, private inspections have been permitted for leasing and purchase on the property.  

From then, home inspections have been taking place including the agent, a tenant or buyer, and the one from household accompanied to display the property.  

The ban on inspections had a disrupted effect on lives of people related to the real estate, be it buyers, agents, or sellers. The step by the state government is worth appreciating as we can see the property market back on track with a lot of improvement.  

The announcement results in resuming real estate transactions and people are getting back in finding the dream home for Victorians.  

According to the president of Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), the ease in private inspection and related restrictions are proving as an important step to move ahead and keep the Victorian real estate sector moving forward.  

Millennials to Buy Real Estate  

After the recent survey, it was found that there are positive trends seen in the property market. This seems especially among prevalent millennials and young Australians.  

As per new national research, 44% millennials are prioritizing buying a property as their next investment goals over the coming five years.  

Millennials to Buy Real Estate

According to the CEO of UBank, Young Australians are focusing on taking away the opportunity. They are maintaining their financial goals having budget strategies. They are putting their salaries in real estate investment for their future savings.  

Due to the impact on finances in the last six months, the budget of 45% population have disturbed. Thus, they are emerging in investment to be quite resilient.  

Additionally, he said that buying a home for investment is a significant focus for most of the young Aussies; however, the gap in knowledge could cost repayment process of unwanted years. So, he suggested making a little comparison of rate and trends to reach their dream home.  

The Return of Demand  

The number of listings in the Melbourne property market has spiked after the private inspections started. There has been a surge in the new listings coming up on the market. This clearly defines people’s need for buying and selling properties.   

The Return of Demand in melbourne property market

Moreover, the increasing demand for property and with buyers holding back from a long time, the prices are expecting to get back at their pace with a fast speed. Even the results have started showing from the start of October.