Spring is considered as the best time when it comes to selling a house. The blooming flowers, chirping birds, and decent weather attracts the buyers and encourages the property market.  

But, what about summers? It’s a common yet confusing question for most of the sellers: Would it be feasible to put their property on the market in summers? 

sell your house in summer

It might sound surprising, but YES, it could be a good decision to sell your house in summer. This is because, you’ll be standing out of the crowd with minimum competition. Buyers seek to settle down before the vacations are over and kids start going schools. 

Confused? That’s natural, so no worries!  

Let’s dig deep into the article and know the reasons why summers are better to sell your house. 

High demand and low competition 

High demand and low competition house sell in summer

During summers, buyers are willing to purchase the property and settle down before the vacations are over. At Christmas, they are most likely to realize that they need extra space for guests and entertainment purposes.  

Additionally, there aren’t enough properties available for sale in summer. The reason is that most of the sellers believe in the myth that they won’t get a deserving price for their property, which is not true.  

So more often, due to the lesser number of sellers and lower listings, multiple buyers compete for the same house. This leads to a fall in the selling competition and thus rises the chances of receiving a better offer. 

Time to improve visibility 

Selling in summers

A home looks more appealing when the lawn is green, the trees are grown tall, and the colors look brighter. Indeed! 

In the long summer days, you’ll even get the time to fix up the repairing problems. Brilliant looking homes create a nice impression on potential buyers and summers are probably the best time to make it more presentable by a little landscaping. Here are a few tips for making your house more admirable

  • Keep the entrance tidy and decorated with some plants 
  • Take advantage of natural light and keep the blinds open to make the rooms look open and spacious 
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint on walls if required 
  • Remove the outdated home decors 
  • Keep the garden clean and green 
  • Style outdoor for entertaining guests or relaxing outside 

Enough time to focus on sale 

Enough time to focus on house sale

Selling a house is not a child’s play. It is one of the most significant sales that you will ever make in life. So, it’s crucial that you put complete efforts while selling your house. 

The long vacation days give you the time to focus properly on the sale. Take the time to list your property, draw offers, talk to potential buyers, and make the right decision. Is it worth focusing on accurate sale operations to get a deserving return on investment? To make the process easier, consult a professional real estate agent

Higher prices 

Higher prices house

The sale price of a house depends primarily on the property’s location and the cost of other homes sold recently in the same area. Less choice for buyers helps to achieve a premium price of the property.   

You can target the potential buyers who missed the opportunity to buy a house in spring when the competition was higher. Likewise, you can even raise the price of your property when the demand is up. 

Better Seller’s Market 

better sellers market in summer

Thirty to forty percent of homes are sold in summers; thus, the season is considered to be better for ‘seller’s market’.  Listing your property in early summers could help you get a great offer. Moreover, people are out, walking by your house on vacation days, so the bigger ‘For Sale’ signs could be an opportunity to increase the potential of your sale. 

Easier to Move 

Not only in terms of market prices and value, but it is also better to move in summers than in winters.  The days are longer, and you don’t have to tackle the damp weather, thus, shifting in summers is more convenient. Moving the house belongings and boxes in summer is far better than carrying on a humid autumn day. 

For families, it would be easier for parents to pack and move because schools are off, and kids would get the time to adjust in a new place. 

Wrapping up 

People are looking to buy properties all-round the year. Summer could be an optimal time to get the best price for your property and sell it quickly.   

For that, you must perform your own research about the local prices before you list your property. Take the opinion of an experienced real estate agent to leverage the best possible sale.